The industrial, refreshed space of the  building Hotel  Tobaco  welcomes its customers behind the counter reception made ​​from concrete and Corian countertop polished to a high gloss

Hotel*** Tobacco, reception desk

Reception desk of beautifully located Golden Tulip****Hotel in  Cracov, curved reception counter made ​​of lacquered laminate, high standard of network objects - Tulip Hotels

Golden Tulip**** Hotel, reception

One of our best projects headrests in the hotel rooms

Luxury Headrest in hotel room

Freshly created project of dressing table system including desk, luggage rack, dresser panel and mirror.

Fancy dressing table system

Fancifully highlighted bar table designed and made for the Swedish partner in the hotel Hallstaberget, Soleftea, Sweden

Hallstaberget***** Hotel, Sweden - highlighted bar table

Upholstered headboard in Holiday Inn***** hotel executive room, front seat included.

Upholstered headboard Holiday Inn

Fancy designed and very well made headrest - "chocolate plates" it's called ;)

"Chocolate plates" headboard

The rooms furniture it is combination an impressive wood panels with highly polished metal racks, which gives the furniture a light look and modern design.

Holiday Inn***** standard room

An impressive restaurant in Camelia Inn, every part of equipment - tables, chairs and multilevel Barisol ceilings create beautifull multipurpose space.

Camelia Inn restaurant area.

Main restaurant of Halstabeget Hotel, created perfect space for bussines lunch and also for holiday stay dinners.

Hallstaberget*****Hotel, Sweden

Spacious and illuminated headboard in the residence apartment , lighting bed and nightstands. Double mattress bed fill bedroom space corner.

Fleming's Apartaments, Germany

This visualization of hotel room is result of work our architects based on very high quality graphics software. This means that the ability to create new space we have practically limitless.

Our fotorealistic visualisation

This project is based on freshly designed furniture system - City Industry. As we presumed combination of metal racks and chipboards gets very popular among architects.

City Industry - furniture system

High standard bedroom design

High standard bedroom design

About Us

LUPUS company has a long tradition in furnishing hotels, offices and restaurants. About our high standards of work provides a rich list of realizations and growing number of satisfied customers. We employ people with years of experience, well-oriented in the needs of consumers, knowing how to advise and resolve potential problems at the design stage of equipment facilities.


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